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13th-Jan-2011 11:37 pm(no subject)
Taguchi 03
How has everyone been ?
I haven't been on LJ since the day before i went to Perth for my interview .. :\
So i do hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year !
And i shall slowly, but surely, reply to comments and read/comment on your posts.
Just bare with me. >.<
Don't really have time to make a long post right now because i need to go to bed since i have to wake up early tomorrow morning.
I'll be visiting my friend down in Australind. So excited ! :D
But i still need to pack my clothes before i sleep. T_T
So this will be all from me now, haha.


5th-Dec-2010 03:44 pm - again.
Taguchi 03
HIATUS again. >.<"

i'll be leaving for Perth tonight as i have a university interview on Tuesday, and then i'll be away with a few friends until Sunday ..
so i doubt i'll have any access to the internet for a week.
i will read everyone's entries and reply to stuff when i get back. (:

28th-Nov-2010 10:26 pm - Junno icons
Taguchi 03
I'm a bit lazy to do a proper post right now,
so instead i'll just show you some Junno icons i made seeing as it is his birthday tomorrow. ^^
i tried, but they aren't the best, >.<"

so here you go. (:
there are only 8 in total because my computer is being dodge on me. :\

eight iconsCollapse )
24th-Sep-2010 11:38 pm - happy third anniversary to JUMP
Taguchi 03
posting twice today as i didn't realise it was JUMP's third anniversary.
*smacks head.

HOORAY for Hey! Say! JUMP :D
yippeeCollapse )
30th-Aug-2010 06:04 pm - seventeen !
Taguchi 03
i am officially seventeen today. ^___^
the happy birthday's i received today made me happy. :P

i completely forgot it was matsujun's birthday today. D:
but i remembered yesterday ..
ah i fail. >.<
so happy birthday to matsujun too ! :D
only ten years older than me, haha. XD

26th-Aug-2010 09:02 pm - procrastination ?
Taguchi 03

asdasjhdajfbasjmdhasdhasjdhasd AGH !
22nd-Jul-2010 06:33 pm - i'm backkk !
Taguchi 03
i've had practically no access to the internet for my three weeks of holiday,
but now i'm back ! :D

so happy, haha. (:
if those weeks hadn't been fun i think i would've died from boredom.
but, i am sorry if i didn't reply to comments. ):
and i shall post an entry about my holidays when i have more time. ^^

27th-Jun-2010 01:14 pm - away
Taguchi 03
i'm flying down for country week in about three hours,
and i've gotta be at the airport in about and hour or so ..
but i need to finish packing, eep ! >.<

this will just be a short post to say that;
i will be away for three weeks so i most probably will not
have access to internet for three weeks !
aghhh, how will i survive. T___T

so i just want to say sorry if i don't reply to your messages !

take care, (:
22nd-Jun-2010 06:51 pm - five days + inoo kei's birthday
Taguchi 03
woop woop, i can't wait.
super exciteddddd ! :D

+ happy birthday to inoo kei ! :D

mid year exams are finally over as of last saturday.
but agh !
i can't believe i failed one of my units by ONE PERCENT !
stupid cut off mark + stupid exam for being so hard.
first thing i've failed ..
i wish i did the easy course, then i would pass easily, ha. :P
i'm still awaiting the results of one of my exams.
hopefully i find out soon.
stupid teacher neglecting us. v___v

eep, i can't stop thinking about country week. ^^
i gotta start packing soon, and i'll be away for three weeks.
that means i have to pack for three weeks worth.
+ i don't think i'll have access to internet for three weeks ..

but country week and uwa will be so so much FUN ! :D

that's all i will write about for today.
i still have four assessments i have to finish. T___T
stinge !
oh, and faction carnival this friday.
hopefully it will be alright eh. (Y)

13th-Jun-2010 04:46 pm - four down, one to go
Taguchi 03
FOUR exams down, one to go. (:

i was meant to have finished all my exams the other week,
but one of my exams had to be postponed two weeks.
that's because we hadn't finished the unit yet and so we had to learn that extra content before we sat our exams. >.<
i'm glad my maths exam was postponed though.
i would have stressed so much more if i had to do it with the rest of my exams.
so i'm doing my maths exam this coming saturday. :S
the rest of my exams went bad though ..
i've gotten two of my exam results back so far,
and i passed my geography one with 52%,
but failed miserably on my english exam. D:
i am now awaiting my results for the other two.
but i know for a fact that i failed my history one,
because i only completed half of my exam,
and it's not like i will get full marks for that section. T___T

aside from these stupid exams.
i went for a walk with my friend on thursday to the beach,
and we took lots of photos. (:
the sun was already setting so we didn't get many pictures of the sunset.
it was still fun though. ^___^

then yesterday; saturday, that same friend; becca, and another friend came shops with me,
and i finally bought another pair of boots. :D
becca and i both bought the same pair of boots for country week haha.
oh and country week is about two weeks away !
i'm excited, it's going to be so much fun ! :D
i need some more winter clothes though, but there isn't much good clothes here. ):

becca and i were going to go to the beach again later on today to take more photos.
but we're a bit lazy so we're just going to walk the cross country track down at the beach instead. (:
we haven't walked down that way since last year sometime haha.
should be good. ^^

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